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10 Symptoms of Chrematophobia You Should Never Ignore

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Money is a necessity that often causes anxiety and depression in life. The majority of the population feel uncomfortable while discussing their financial difficulties with their family or friends. This is the significant reason why people are not aware of a rare condition, known as Chrematophobia or Chrometophobia.

Both the terms mean fear of money, management, loss, or even receiving it from someone else. There are various reasons for Chrematophobia, including prior experience, an underlying condition, or financial responsibilities. Here, we have mentioned the symptoms of Chrematophobia to help the readers learn about the lesser-known condition.

1. Symptoms of Chrematophobia

Chrematophobia can cause various symptoms based on its cause and the extent of fear. These are the most common symptoms faced by people with the fear of money.

2. Refusal to Deal with Money

Chrematophobia often causes people to refuse if something related to money comes up. They try to evade any matter that involves an exchange of money. They might even procrastinate on a simple bill payment that takes only a few minutes.

As a result, day-to-day activities suffer at an extreme level. The professional life will also suffer as it involves money handing at some point.

3. Constant Money Counting

People with low account balances may frequently count their money. This is a common symptom of Chrematophobia as people find themselves scared to spend. The low account balance makes them feel powerless in their life.

It is okay to hit a financial setback with little access to the funds. You can take a short-term doorstep loan in Ireland to stay afloat. Once the finances are stable, you can continue the lifestyle the way you want.

4. Activity Withdrawal

It makes sense to cut the extravagant activities during financial distress. You may have to create a budget that includes only the essentials. However, it is a concern if the people withdraw from social activities even with a stable financial condition.

The relationships are affected once the person starts to isolate himself. Chrematophobia causes people to think the expenses, regardless of their nature, are meaningless. You no longer find it enjoyable to watch movies or eat at a restaurant with your loved ones.

5. Depression

Depression is a severe side effect of Chrematophobia with some significant psychological consequences. People feel powerless while controlling their actions. Everything, from personal relationships to career, suffers because of the irrationality of the thoughts.

There are different types and symptoms of depression that involves disturbing sleep, hallucinations, and mood swings. Professional help is recommended if you feel anything that relates to this mental condition.

6. Feeling of Powerless

As mentioned above, the feeling of powerless while managing finances is a symptom of Chrematophobia. This is the situation when you feel there is no way you can manage the debts and essential expenses. Financial trouble will leave you without a solution of your own.

This leads a person to anxiety and irrational behavior. The powerless attitude may cause the brain to refuse to take part in financial discussions. There is no way you can overcome the financial trouble as no efforts are made towards it.

7. Physical Symptoms

The sight of money can cause trembling, urge to scream, nausea, and shortness of breath to some people. It is easy to diagnose these symptoms and relate them to the underlying problem. After a significant financial setback, you may feel them such as fraud, business failure, and insufficient investment.

8. Inability to Purchase Essentials

The fear of money can cause a struggle while purchasing the necessary items. Budgeting requires you to eliminate the unessential or “wants” from the purchase list. However, you cannot live without essential commodities such as food and cleaning products.

It makes no sense in convincing yourself to buy at least a packet of cereal for breakfast. You may think of it as an extreme measure for the demanding situation. Nevertheless, it is the fear of money that is causing withdrawal from buying stuff.

9. Refusal to Take Medical Help

An illness requires you to visit a doctor that may cost money based on various factors. If you don’t, the obvious consequences will follow. A Chrometophobic person may refuse medical help from doctors irrespective of the negative impacts.

10. No Knowledge of Income

Since the person will ignore the financial conversation, they may ignore any knowledge of their income. Their spouse or family members manage their finances. This dependency can cause setbacks because of mismanagement.

To conclude, you should consult an expert if you experience any of the abovementioned symptoms. It is essential to take control of your finances to achieve financial freedom. You will master the art of finances, but first, you need to acknowledge the fear.

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