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3 Ways to Clone Any Web Design into a WordPress Theme

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It is an unethical practice to clone an existing website. When you think of converting your site, a different world of absolutely virtuous capabilities opens up. In this post, we will show you how to convert your original website into a new WordPress website.

What is Cloning?

The entire concept of convert website to WordPress site is quite simple. Make a similar copy or try and duplicate any one of many WordPress websites available on the net and use it on your website. There is a lot of sense in doing this step.

● First, consider a practical scenario where you are converting an existing WordPress site into a new web host or a new domain name of your choosing. Cloning an existing website relieves you of a good number of working days.

● Another way of using it is if you are developing a new website for someone on the computer you own. When the website is ready, you can then clone the website into any WordPress theme and then copy the website to your client’s servers.

● Third, you can also clone an actual WordPress website on your personal computers to test and develop the project more before creating your website.

Converting a WordPress website is an extremely easy task for anyone. If you know the basics of using a computer, then you can comfortably clone a website within minutes.

We will ponder upon the 3 simple ways to convert any website into a WordPress theme of your choice


Theme Matcher is an application that is available on the internet which assists you in creating any desired theme on its own. All you need to do is enter the address of your existing website, select the layout that suits you accordingly and that’s the final step. Theme Matcher automatically creates the WordPress theme selected by you that looks similar to your website. The tool clones all of your code, pictures to be inserted on the website, the color styling along with others, and resizes it into a zip file, ripe for uploading. For easy, direct conversions, Theme Matcher is definitely the quickest option to clone your website.

2. Hire a freelancer

Hire WordPress developers is a fantastic choice if you are unable to convert your existing site. Freelancers are expert professionals who would not only help you clone your website but also add other features in them that would make your website stand out from the rest. If your website is distinct or if you desire very unique conditions, employing a freelancer is a better option to choose. However, be ready to contribute a serious chunk of time finalizing and talking to your developer, and grant them the days to finish the job accordingly.

3. Create a theme all by yourself

It sounds like a dangerous idea but in reality, it's the exact opposite. Creating a complete theme with customized features is way more convenient than you think. The reason is that there are a plethora of page builders available on the internet such as Toolset, Elementor, or Beaver Builder that makes your job easy and is pretty user-friendly.


Toolset is an online application, that helps in creating all the features that your website must have and also advanced themes. The toolset provides you with anything that you might need consisting of basic content types, sliders, forms, and search.

You can create themes for a plethora of unique websites which may include directory, membership, and e-commerce sites.


Elementor is one of the best website page builders present at the moment. With its user-friendly interface, anyone can now create and design websites of their own liking, regardless of the coding knowledge they possess. If you want to take your designing process to a higher level, Elementor includes pre-designed templates in it’s both the free and premium versions.

Beaver Builder

Creating a website using Beaver Builder reduces the work needed to design your website considerably. You require no coding knowledge to use this application. Beaver Builder has the option of choosing from pre-made patterns and units that you can install on the various parts of your website.

Steps to clone your website by yourself:

Follow these steps to clone your website without any external help

● Convert an existing WordPress website

● Try and create a backup of your website

● Prepare to convert the website after the backup finishes

● Synch all the files to the new position

● Run the new website

● Assess your website

● Delete all the existing unimportant files

It is an old problem to convert your site into a swift WordPress site. If you ever require your web page to be converted into a WordPress theme, do check out HireWpGeeks. HireWpGeeks has been delivering outstanding WordPress development services for all its clients guaranteeing the highest quality and cost-effective measures. Log on to for any additional information.

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