Best True Wireless EarBuds in 2021 - Sony, Apple, Sennheiser, etc.

collage of airpods

We’ve got about 2000 Euros worth of earbuds to go through and depending on what you do and what you like, we may have something for each of you. We’ve to give full reviews of all these buds before, so they’re linked down below.

We won’t get into details in this blog, but we’re feeling generous, so we’re giving out 13 awards. The award categories are Best Wireless Earbuds for Audio Quality - I have to give this to the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2.

Great, accurate representation of instruments while still being musical. I think Airpods Pro and Sony WF 1000 XM3 also come quite close. But Sennheiser does better on detail and sound stage and there’s something very refined about it, which the Airpods Pro also approaches, but doesn't quite achieve.

samsung airpods