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How to backup QuickBooks

As a business owner, it is imperative to have a regular backup of your business data. That’s where QuickBook supports you with its backup feature. It keeps your data secure from any kind of unexpected error. Since your QuickBooks software is a repository for your important company information, it must be accorded with optimum security measures to preserve your data. Having the backup of your QuickBooks files is an ideal option to restore your data and prevent it from permanent loss.

Given below are the steps to backup your QuickBooks.

How to Backup QuickBooks File Automatically

In QuickBooks software, there are two different ways to generate the backup of your company data. You can create a backup either manually or automatically. You can choose any of the options as per your convenience.

1. Step-By-Step Guide on Quickbooks Automatic Backup

To set up QuickBooks automatic backup follow the steps given below:

Launch QuickBooks software.

In the File menu select the option “Save Copy and then Backup” option.

Next, select Options to choose the location where you want to save QuickBooks file backup on your computer.

Set up backup defaults and click OK then Next.

Choose the Save option and click Finish to begin the backup process.

2. Steps to Schedule Backups on Quickbooks

Launch QuickBooks software.

Go to the File menu and choose the option Save Copy or Backup.

Next, click on the copy you want to backup and hit Next.

Select Default options to choose the location where you want to save your backup files.

After this, click on the option Only List Future Backup option and click Next.

Open backup on the scheduled window and click on it.

Feed all required information and then the select folder where you want to save your backup files.

Now you’ll be asked to fill the number in the backup copies checkbox.

Click on Store Password and Enter Windows login details and then click on store windows password.

Fill in details for time, day, and number to schedule back-ups.

Hit the Finish button to complete the process.

3. Steps to set up Quickbooks Backup Reminders

If you are in a habit of forgetting about things then it is better to set up reminders. This feature will notify you of when to create a backup at a specific time and date. Given below are the steps to schedule QuickBooks backup reminders.

Open the Quickbooks software by double-clicking on the icon and then click the file.

Open QuickBooks software.

Select the File menu and select Save Copy or Backup option.

Next, select Backup Copy and then select Option.

Navigate through all directories to find a suitable location where you want to save your backup files.

After this, select the option to notify you about backup every time you close the file. For this, you’ll be required to enter a number.

Select date and time and hit OK.

These are the ways you can set up a backup of your QuickBooks files. All of these methods mentioned above are convenient and effective to keep your data protected against all kinds of QuickBooks errors. In case, even if your data is lost due to any reason, you can restore it from backup. QuickBooks software provides small business owners with the best accounting solutions to manage their business. You can easily schedule an automatic backup of your data to preserve your original data. However, it is recommended to schedule data backup once a week to avert any kind of data loss risk.

Note: If you encounter any kind of QuickBooks error, while scheduling a backup, then contact the QuickBooks team for assistance. They will help you with the best possible solution.

Why it is important to backup Your QuickBooks File?

There is a number of reasons that can cause your computer to stop working at any time, be it a client’s mistake, hardware issue, or software issue. Data disasters can happen at any time, to anyone without any intimation. Therefore, it is wise to schedule your QuickBooks data backup right now to restore your data quickly without having to invest in a lot of effort. This proactive step will ensure your business continuity without hours of rework.

So, if you are using QuickBooks software for accounting on daily basis, it is worth back up your company files.

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