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Invest More On Technology Rather Than Investing In Non-Productive Staff

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We all depend on technology. Let’s take an example of smartphones; it keeps updating us about the news of the whole world, we can chat with anyone worldwide, even we can do video calls also. It is just a small illustration of how much we rely on technology. The same thing applies when it’s come to the business or any organization. From the modern workforce’s recruitment to any functionary’s exit date, you can track each day’s records of everyone within just a few minutes with advanced technology.

The reason behind the rapid growth of technology is, it simplifies the work of both employees and employers. Technology reduces labor costs; earlier, every business bears conflicts while analyzing it when everything was on paper. Now, blooming technology maintains all data and examines it, so the accuracy of analysis also increases. That’s why, for the comforts of an organization, every workplace needed advanced/latest technology.

What Is The Difference Between Productive And Non-productive Staff?

Generally, at the recruitment time, the HR manager puts all his efforts to know a person, but in just a meeting of one or two hours, the enrollment admin may not judge the interviewer. Afterward, the company has to face difficulties while handling the issue created by the non-productive staff.

Productive employees are the real assets of the business. They are self-directed personalities and manage their professional life the same as the personal ones. They solved their small or big problems by themselves. They are best in time management and avoid time slacks. They have a positive mindset, which generates a positive working environment, which increases productivity. They believe the network is net worth.

The unproductive staff has no morale in their professional and personal life. They always raise complaints about their duties, responsibilities, etc. They always make excuses while their superiors assign the task to them. They always procrastinate and do not complete their tasks. They continually deny that task which they don’t like and pass their responsibility to others. In short, they don’t have a passion for their work, which leads the organization to endure the waste of time and money. It affects the whole staff’s productivity also.

For a clear understanding of the difference between those two types of employees, check the table mentioned below;

Productive Employees Unproductive Employees have a mission. They don’t have a mission; they just pretend to have a mission they want to achieve. They focus on clarity before actions. They focus only on actions. They have a few priorities. They have many priorities. They believe that the result talks more. They are speaking more before accepting any tasks. They make time for what is essential for them. They make time to look forward to another colleague’s loopholes. They focus only on one task at a time. They focus on multitasking. They want others to be effective. They want others to make excuses like them. They accept all challenges. They give effuse.

Why Is The Technology Needed For Every Organization?

Technology is essential to every business; no size matters at all. Whether you like it or not, but it is crucial for expanding the business. Technology has both tangible and intangible benefits, which helps your business to grow. It made the operations easy, quick, and accurate.

For example, human resource management software helps HR managers keep track of employee data. In just a few clicks, the HR admin gets all the data from the joining date to any employee’s current date. It also helps to calculate net payable salaries to the workforce. Following are the importance of implementing technology in business.

1. Communication With Customers

Let’s take an example of a webchat; it can help the website visitors chat with the organization’s salesperson, which allows them to solve their queries related to the business quickly.

2. Efficiency Of Operations

It improves the accuracy of any operations, as it is an automated tool to prevent human errors. Thus, everyone in the organization can easily trust it.

3. Smart Business Culture

S - Strength of every business

M - Measuring everything accurately

A - Analyze the data quickly

R - Report making of the workforce is easy

T - Time and cost saver

Thus, technology makes smart business culture.

4. Security

Technology helps to secure the financial data of the company. In the paperless era, the modern company where security is the priority, technology is the sole option to keep all the data secure.

Automation is the sole option for running the business smoothly. That’s why it is vital for all organizations.

Thus, technology is the only way to run the business smoother

What Are The Benefits Of Technology In The Workplace?

Following are the few pros of the technology, which enables the business to grow faster than before.

  1. Collaboration With Team

Technology changes the way of operating the business. Earlier employers had to keep all documents and spreadsheets manually, which took more time. Now software like google docs is enough to maintain everything and allows many people to operate simultaneously, saving time

for both employees and employers.

Firstly there were no tools for reporting the work to an employer or assigning the workforce. Recently so many applications made it easy without any barriers, for instance, Microsoft teams. It made collaboration with the whole team smoother.

  1. Meeting Customers Needs

Begins with the prospect which reaches the website, through the agreement to purchase the whole process is crucial for any organization. But technology made it easy; with chatbots’ help, visitors of the website solve their queries, making the buying decision sooner.

Nowadays, the reviews of a particular website attract traffic on it, customer review is important for others, which helps them trust a product. Many organizations use social media to continuously remember their brand and the daily post on such platforms that attract customers.

  1. Targeting Audience

Now businesses can target the audience through various search engines like Google and Yahoo or social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. With the assistance of search engine optimization (SEO), you can candidly measure the traffic on the website. With the use of keywords, you can target the audience looking for products that directly and indirectly signify your business.

Social media is the platform to provide fruitful information to audiences. You can target people or users who want to purchase the product you sell through social platforms’ popup message. It also helps you to recall your brand in their mind.

  1. Improving Work-life Balance

Due to the pandemic COVID-19, many businesses allow their employees to work remotely. Technology made easy connectivity to the whole team. Employees on the field also enable them to keep in touch with their employer with advancement. Even the superior also tracks his/her exact location.

Most businesses have some policies for the workforce in the field, and for the employees who are doing work from home, for example, attendance rules, mark their attendance with automated applications and use their smartphones for the same. For reporting, they use an application like slack. And for the meeting, they can use google meet. Thus, technology improved work-life balance and removed all the conflicts.

  1. Doing Business Online

It enables the business to cater to the audience worldwide. With the help of online platforms, technology removes the hurdles of geographical coverage. For example, search engines help users to find the best option for them. Even though the keywords the probable customer is easily found on the website of your business. That’s why it is a marketing tool that serves the audience widely.

  1. Makes Work Faster

It is for sure that if you use upgraded technology, it makes your work faster and easier. For example, if you want to find a file that you store three or two years before in your laptop, in this case, you just have to type a single word on the place of search, and you will quickly get the file you want. In the workplace, it maintains each employee’s data, and when you need to find the data of any previous month, you just have to search it, and in just a few seconds, you will get the report of a particular employee. In short, technology helps us to do our work smartly rather than shabbily.

  1. Boosts Work Efficiency

Without any doubt, we can state that technology boosts the accuracy and efficiency of work. It helps the employees to work without pressure still useful. It also improves the productivity of individuals. Today, employees heavily rely on automation, nothing wrong with this because their tools are efficient to work productively.

  1. Encourages Innovation & Creativity

It helps to enhance creativity in the workplace. For example, in hiring and recruiting, only through social media and search engines, people came to know about any organization’s vacant place and directly applied there. The advancement they use helps inform the public about the vacancy, any news of the organization, etc., that’s why automated tactics encourage innovation and creativity.

  1. Uniformity And Consistency

Technological tools maintain uniformity in the workplace; for instance, if the employee sends mails of his/her work, only one person checks that document and passes it further for approval. Still, if the organization uses the applications or software like slacks and Microsoft teams, all superiors can check the record. So, technological advancement made hierarchical structure within the workplace and maintained uniformity and consistency between everyone.

  1. Increases Profit

Technology attracts people worldwide, so it can help expand the business, leading to increases in the overall profit. Technology is a substitute for human resources, so it helps to reduce labor costs. You don’t need to pay for machines used for production; thus, it saves costs and increases the organization’s revenue.


The above benefits show how much technology is useful for modern business/organizations. It provides the prototype for the future also. So now there is not much worry about the effective hiring workforce; instead, investing in technology. It can help your business to grow more than the unproductive staff you hire.

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