Tips to Cope Up with Financial Problems as a Student

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Tackling monthly expenses is being convoluted for Irish students. Over 30% of third-level students, according to Euro students VI study, are experiencing financial problems. Students who participated in the survey revealed that their expenses were more than what they earn, making it harder for them to make ends meet independently. The study revealed that the overall average monthly income for all students who responded to the survey was about €754, while the average monthly outgoing was €830. They further told that they turned to their parents or spouses to seek monetary help to fund some of their monthly expenses because of low income.

According to the report findings, accommodation was the single largest expenditure eating up their income, which accounted for an average monthly spend of about €350. Older students were experiencing more financial difficulties. Part of them is postgraduate students because they did not have an increase in their monthly income. Below is the table that summarises the findings of the report by Euro students VI study.